Php FeedWriter 3.0 (beta) Released

June 26th, 2011
by Daniel Soutter

Php FeedWriter 3.0 Beta is now available for download for free here.

Php FeedWriter is a free solution to generate Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0 compatible feeds using content from a website or database.


The update (from RSS2Writer) now includes the ability to output to a range of feed formats including Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0.  Supporting documentation has also been made available, where you will find details about how to install and use Php FeedWriter, as well as information about each component that makes up the solution.

A new FeedConstruct class now contains the information required to build a feed in a specific format, including information required to validate each component of a feed.


Why Beta?

The first release of Php FeedWriter since the update from RSS2Writer has seen major improvements to the existing functionality, as well as a considerable amount of additional functionality.  This has not been tested thoroughly on a large range of platforms, and there are likely to be some bugs or errors present in the code, or a particular output format.

If you happen to come across a bug or unexpected behavior, please view the Bug Library to determine if it is a known issue, or submit the details if new.  You can also submit a suggestion for improvement for Php FeedWriter to the Bug Library.


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