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Previous Versions

As updates are made to Php FeedWriter, some information about the previous versions will be included here.  To download the most recent version, please visit the Downloads page.


Version 3.0 (beta):

Php FeedWriter (3.0) was an update to the original RSS2Writer class for Php.  The RSS2Writer (v2.1) class provided similar functionality, but only allowed for output in a single format (RSS 2.0).

The update to v3.0 of the RSS2Writer included the ability to output a feed in multiple formats and resulted major redevelopment.  The main Php class was also renamed to FeedWriter to remain descriptive of the more general /abstracted feed functionality included and the solution as a whole was renamed to “Php FeedWriter” as a result.  The core functionality remains, but key differences include the new FeedConstruct class that is used to control the various feed output formats now supported by Php FeedWriter.  Feed data is abstracted by the class to allow input and output of different data types regardless of the output format.   Information that is added to the feed, but not supported by a particular output format is ignored.

For information about the previous versions of the class (including instructions and downloads), please see the related post on my blog:  Php RSS2Writer (v2.1).


Download Previous Versions

Download Php FeedWriter - 3.0.2 (beta)

Php FeedWriter Version: 3.0.2 (beta)

Php FeedWriter:

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