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Supported Feed Output Formats

Recommended Formats supported by Php FeedWriter:

Atom 1.0

The Atom 1.0 format is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to control more aspects of a feed, and include various information that is otherwise not supported by the other formats.  Atom 1.0 allows more information about the feed, feed items and authors to be included that Feed Readers and Aggregators can use to  improve the experience for subscribers.  Atom 1.0 is more ‘strict’ in regards to validation than the other formats.

RSS 2.0

RSS 2.0 Feeds are functional and highly compatible with Feed Readers.  The schema largely builds upon previous versions of the RSS format and provides a rich set of elements to store information about the feed.

Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 are the recommended Feed Output formats to use when generating feeds with Php FeedWriter.


Additonal formats supported by Php FeedWriter:

RSS 1.0 – RDF Site Summary

RSS 1.0 (RDF – Resource Description Framework) is the w3c specification for a feed format, based upon the previous RSS 0.92 format.

RSS 0.92

RSS 0.92 builds upon the RSS 0.91 format, including new and optional functionality to maintain backwards compatibility.

RSS 0.91

The earliest feed output format which is basic, but highly compatible.


Php FeedWriter Feed Abstraction:

Php FeedWriter works like an abstraction layer between the various feed formats.  Any type of information that is supported by one or more of the output formats can be included in the feed using functionality provided by the FeedWriter class.

Upon output, the feed XML is generated for the specified output format using information that has been included in the feed. Data added to the feed will be ignored if it is not supported by a particular format, to help output a valid feed.

For information about the specific elements that make up each feed format, and how they are used by Php Feedwriter, please see the following:

  • FeedConstruct class documentation – a class used to build a representation of the XML Schema for each feed format used by Php FeedWriter.
  • Predefined Feed Constructs – Details about each of the feed output formats that have been incorporated into Php FeedWriter, and how elements in a feed schema are mapped to data that has been included in the feed.

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