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Support Php FeedWriter

The full functionality of Php FeedWriter is available to download, use or modify for free.  Please help the developer by making a small donation, or purchasing Php FeedWriter below.

Support Php FeedWriter:

If you find Php FeedWriter useful, please make a donation:



Payment is via PayPal to ensure security of your transaction.  The following two pricing options are currently available:

Single Domain / Sub-domain:

$10.00 (AU)

Unlimited Domains / Sub-domains:

$60.00 (AU)

Purchasing Php FeedWriter provides the following additional features:

  • Allows you to display feeds created using Php FeedWriter without the Php FeedWriter footer item, or customise the footer to display your own.
    Please contact us if you would like instructions sent via email to assist with modifying or disabling the footer once you have made your purchase.
  • Priority email support to assist with creating feeds using Php FeedWriter, or modifying the footer item functionality


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