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You can support Php FeedWriter in one or more of the following ways:


If you find Php FeedWriter useful, and simply want to make a donation you can use the button below to donate via PayPal.  If you need to display feeds without the Php FeedWriter Footer, please following the instructions here to purchase Php FeedWriter.


Purchase Php FeedWriter

By purchasing Php FeedWriter for personal or commercial use you are contributing to Php FeedWriter, as well as gaining the right to display feeds without the Php FeedWriter footer.

Php FeedWriter can be purchased for a very small price.  More info:  Buy Php FeedWriter.


Linking to Php FeedWriter

You can include a link to Php FeedWriter on a site that uses Php FeedWriter to display feeds.

This is required if you wish to remove the Php FeedWriter Footer, but are not willing to purchase Php FeedWriter (see Terms of Use for details).  If linking to Php FeedWriter in order to gain the right to modify the Php FeedWriter Footer, the link must contain appropriate text, not be obstructed in any way and must be visible and followed by Search Engines.


Display the Php FeedWriter Footer

Leaving the Php FeedWriter Footer item intact on each feed generated using Php FeedWriter is another way to help support Php FeedWriter.

If you are not able to purchase or include a link to Php FeedWriter, you must not disable, modify or remove the Php FeedWriter Footer Item (see Terms of Use for details).

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