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Php FeedWriter Documentation

Php FeedWriter Installation Instructions on how to install and configure Php FeedWriter on your website for first use.
FeedWriter Class FeedWriter class function details, usage and examples.  This class contains the core functionality required to create, populate and output a feed.  It uses the FeedConstruct class (below) to control validation and feed output.
FeedConstruct Class FeedConstruct class function details, usage and examples.  This class contains each feed output and the elements supported by each.  Elements are mapped to a “common name”, which creates an abstraction layer between output formats.

  • Predefined Feed Constructs – Details about the construct representation of each feed output format used by Php FeedWriter.
  • commonName Details – A full list of values used to map a feed construct to the corresponding data in the feed.
  • Predefined Output Data Types – Details about the data types specified in each feed construct, including output variances and an examples.
Constants The constants that are global to both the FeedWriter class and FeedConstruct class.
Supported Output Formats Information about the various formats supported by Php FeedWriter.
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