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Class Constructor

Instantiate an object from the FeedWriter class.
void __construct( string $title , string $description , string $link , [ integer $indent = 6 ] , [ boolean $useCDATA = false ] , [ string $encode_as = null ] , [ boolean $enable_validation = true ] ) Create a new FeedWriter class object, including some basic information required to control the input/output process and get the feed started.
string $title
A string consisting of the feed title.
string $description
A string containing a description of the feed.
string $link
A string containing a the feed link, usually a link back to the blog / website.
[ integer $indent ]
An integer value representing the level of indent to apply to the XMLWriter when outputting the feed XML.
[ boolean $useCDATA ]
true/false indicating if text elements should be outputted as CDATA.
[ string $encode_as ]
A string containing the character encoding to be applied to the XML document / feed output.
[ boolean $enable_validation ]
true/false to indicate if the feed data should be validated against the corresponding FeedConstruct class for the specified output format. This will assist with building a feed that is valid in all supported output formats
Return Values
Instantiate new object from the FeedWriter class, passing the title, description, link and some other configuration information.
$phpFeedWriter = new FeedWriter(
	'Php FeedWriter Class v3.0', 	//Feed Title
	'Generate Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0, RSS 1.0, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.91 compatible Feed from website or database content', //Feed Description
	'http://phpfeedwriter.webmasterhub.net', //Feed Link
	6, //indent
	true, //Use CDATA
	null, //encoding
	true //enable validation
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