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Php FeedWriter is free and can be used for personal or commercial use providing that the footer credit remains intact on any feed created using the class.

Please support the developer by making a small donation, or by adding a link to Php FeedWriter to your website.


Current Version (Free)

Download Php FeedWriter - 3.2

Php FeedWriter Version: 3.2

Php FeedWriter:


Purchase Php FeedWriter

Purchase Php FeedWriter to gain additional features, including priority email support.


Previous Versions

Php FeedWriter 3.0 (beta) was an update to RSS2Writer v2.1 by Daniel Soutter.  For more details, please see Previous Versions.


Sample Scripts – Example Php FeedWriter Usage

For a number of examples of how Php FeedWriter can be used, please see the Sample Feeds page.  Here you will find a range of sample scripts that generate feeds varying in complexity and format.  You can also download the sample scripts from this page.


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For more details, please see the Terms of use.  Thank you for your support.

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