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Sample Feeds

Example Feeds generated using Php FeedWriter


Simple Feed Examples (Minimal)

Single Script/Page for all formats (Dynamic): Simple Atom 1.0 | Simple RSS 2.0 | Simple RSS 1.0 | Simple RSS 0.92 | Simple RSS 0.91

Separate Script/Page for each format (Fixed): Simple Atom 1.0 | Simple RSS 2.0

Download Example Source:  simple.zip – dynamic format (ziped)


More Extensive Feed Examples

Some additional optional information is also included in the feed and feed items.

Single Script/Page for all formats (Dynamic): Atom 1.0 Example | RSS 2.0 Example | RSS 1.0 Example | RSS 0.92 Example | RSS 0.91 Example

Download Example Source: sample.zip – dynamic (ziped)


Database Integration Example Script

This script comprises of a main controller script that generates a feed from records in a MySQL Database.  A separate config file is included as part of the sample to allow you to configure the script to work with your database.

Download the example database integration script: db-feed-sample.php (zipped)

A post has also been added to the blog here, which explains the database integration sample scripts in more detail.  A separate step by step tutorial is available from the blog as well.

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