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db-feed-sample.php Explained – Sample Feed Database Integration Php Script

January 5th, 2012

The db-feed-sample.php example script can be used to help generate a feed from information stored in a MySQL database.  The sample script has been configured to use a separate config file that contains general information about the feed (channel) as well as mappings of feed elements to columns in a database table.

When the feed is constructed, the feed details set in the the config file are used to populate the feed channel elements, which contain information about the overall feed and not individual feed items.  The database query can either be set manually, or generated dynamically using the column mappings provided in the config file.  The column mappings are also used to obtain specific information from each associative database record.

Details of the config file and feed scripts are below, which includes additional comments to help with configuring a feed populated from database records.  The contents of the scripts are also provided in full at the end of this post, or you can download the database feed integration example scripts explained here as a zip package.

A step by step tutorial is also available to assist with using this sample script.

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