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Terms of Use


Php FeedWriter (© Daniel Soutter) is a free solution that can be used to generate RSS or Atom feeds from content.  The Php FeedWriter solution, including the people responsible for development and support are not associated with, or responsible for any content or information displayed by a feed generated by Php FeedWriter.  If you have an issue with the contents of a feed generated by Php FeedWriter please direct your concerns the author of the content, or website owner.

Php FeedWriter is made available freely for personal or commercial use and is provided without warranty.  Php FeedWriter may be used providing that you read and agree to the terms and conditions detailed below.  By downloading and/or implementing the Php FeedWriter solution from PhpFeedWriter.WebmasterHub.net , you are declaring that you have read and agree to all conditions and terms of use.


The Php FeedWriter footer item must be displayed on every feed generated using Php FeedWriter unless you have contributed  in one of the ways detailed in section 5. Php FeedWriter Footer (below), or have purchased Php FeedWriter.



Php FeedWriter solution” includes both the FeedWriter and FeedConstruct classes, and functionality provided.

Support”, is any assistance, tutorial or training content provided by a Php FeedWriter developer or representative, sample files or code, any content on the Php FeedWriter website or blog ( http://PhpFeedWriter.WebmasterHub.net ) posted by, or on behalf of Daniel Soutter, which includes class and usage documentation and tutorials.


1. General Usage / Customisation

The Php FeedWriter and FeedConstruct class files may be used, modified, customised, or enhanced for commercial or personal use, providing that the Php FeedWriter footer item remains intact (details 5. Php FeedWriterFooter below).  You can purchase Php FeedWriter to obtain the right to remove or modify the Footer Item.

You are free to develop or enhance the Php FeedWriter, or FeedConstruct class files to suit specific needs, although the solution has already been designed to give maximum control over feed formats and output.


2. Copyright

You may not claim ownership of the Php FeedWriter in it’s original or any modified state.  Copyright of the Php FeedWriter solution and FeedConstruct class belongs to Daniel Soutter regardless of any changes made.


3. Integrity

The Php FeedWriter solution, including output of feeds in various formats and Php class files may contain errors, and is provided with no warranty.  The information and views expressed by developers and users when providing help and support on this site may also be incorrect or misleading, may not reflect the opinion of others, and is also provided without warranty.

Under no circumstances can the people responsible for developing and supporting the Php FeedWriter solution be made liable for any damages or losses cased by direct or indirect use of the solution on a website including, but not limited to losses or damages caused by information, support or advice provided on PhpFeedWriter.WebmasterHub.net.  The people responsible for Php FeedWriter are not liable for any loss or damage caused by reading or subscribing to a feed generated by Php FeedWriter.


4. Privacy

Information collected by the PhpFeedWriter.WebmasterHub.net when registering, subscribing or making contact to the website will never be provided to any third party, or used for any purpose other than what is explicitly stated.


5. Php FeedWriter Footer

The Php Feedwriter footer is an item added to the bottom of each feed generated by Php FeedWriter containing a small “Powered by Php FeedWriter” notice.  You may not disable, modify or remove this footer item from a feed generated by Php FeedWriter unless you have contributed in one or both of the following ways:

  • By including an appropriate credit and a link to the Php FeedWriter website on a page on any website that uses Php FeedWriter to generate a feed.  The link must not be obstructed in any way and must be indexed and followed by Search Engines.

For more information about how you can contribute to Php FeedWriter, see the Contribute page.  You can make a donation to Php FeedWriter  from this page.  If your donation is above the cost (at the time of making your donation) to purchase Php FeedWriter, you may modify or remove the Php FeedWriter Footer.  It is recommended that you purchase Php FeedWriter if you wish to modify the footer to avoid confusion.  Please retain your transaction receipt as proof of purchase.


6. Availability and Redistribution

The Php FeedWriter solution is available to download for free from this official website PhpFeedWriter.WebmasterHub.net.  Php FeedWriter is also available to purchase for a very small price, which gives access to additional features.

Php FeedWriter is not redistributable.  You may not redistribute the Php FeedWriter solution or components of the solution by hosting on another file server or website.  To reference or provide a download of Php FeedWriter on another website, please use a link to http://phpfeedwriter.webmasterhub.net/ .


7. Payments

When purchasing Php FeedWriter for commercial or personal use, you transaction receipt should be retained as proof of purchase.  All payments are processed by PayPal over a secured connection.  When making a purchase, you will be taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction.  Payments are to the author Daniel Soutter to help fund future development and support of the Php FeedWriter solution and website.


8. Policy Changes

The terms and conditions described on this page are subject to change at any time.  The people responsible for Php FeedWriter reserve the right to modify the terms or conditions at any time without notice.

  • Php FeedWriter (c) Copyright 2011 Daniel Soutter. Php FeedWriter and the information on this site has been designed to benefit website developers, owners and users, but may contain errors and is provided as is, with no warranty. Terms.